November 4, 2009


(appears in the Fort Worth Weekly Nov 4. issue)
by Ken Shimamoto

Prolific indeed is Eaton Lake Tonics frontman Domenic "Tony" Ferraro, who's already released two of this year's most intriguing local discs under his literary-inspired alias Bob Fante: Rancho Folly V and Proud Now American, the latter a split LP with The Ox Magnolia. Wouldn't you know, this ELT release might just be the best of the lot.

Eaton Lake Tonics, Rancho Folly IV (Self-released)
Though some of Ferraro's projects - particularly under the Fante rubric - might be resolutely lo-fi and DIY, it's still puzzling to many that this publication classifies his band as "avant-garde/experimental" around Music Awards time. First and foremost, Ferraro is a pop tunesmith of great facility. His catchiness is his signature strength. Sure, he might throw in a soup├žon of dissonance here and there (always in the accompaniment, never in the actual melody), but that's just a red herring. Rancho Folly IV is as accessible a rock record as you'll hear this year.

Ferraro is not above recycling repertoire, either. "Business Just Gets Bad," the gorgeously anthemic "Monty and Lettie," "How To Get Out of My House," "John Fogerty," and "Barbara" all appeared on Rancho Folly IV, but here they are radically different - much more fully realized and powerful. The last two, in particular, are transformed into extended tours de force, courtesy mainly of his full band. The quaint charm of the Fante versions is replaced by an in-your-face immediacy, with interesting instrumental interplay between Ferraro and longtime collaborator Ryan Thomas Becker. Indeed, the new "Barbara" starts out sunshine-poppy and winds up sounding downright lysergic.

Vocally, Ferraro can't seem to wipe the wiseass smirk off his mug (think: Ben Folds or the guy from Green Day), but his music is smart and surprising enough to hold your interest through its myriad twists and turns. Cop via


October 24, 2009

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August 9, 2009


Go to the Moon tonight. I started a new project with Austin Green (Telegraph Canyon). We will have Chris Gomez and Pat Adams tonight... And in the true Weezer fashion, we will be alternating bass players. And we have all-star Dave Howard when he gets back into town....

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April 23, 2009

New Bob Fante release!

The Ox Magnolia (Caleb Gray from MATAS) have just finished a split LP, "Proud Now American". Available for free download there on the right.

March 3, 2009


Our in-studio from 2009.02.28 is available from free download here......... <--click on the pebbles

Good Show Blooper

Looks like the performance from 2.28.2008 is not available yet. Stay tuned.
It's okay to go to their website though,

March 1, 2009

Love, Work, 2nd-String Glory

Couple quick things:

-Thanks for all the support so far, everyone. Big love to Josh and Dustin at City Tavern. Check out our live performance from Feb 28 on the Good Show, download the MP3 of the whole show there soon.

-Getting ready to go back in to the studio to pump out the rest of the new album, tentative release of early summer.

-Nice little note: Austin Green of Telegraph Canyon will be joining us on drums for our Friday, March 6th set at Lola's Sixth!

February 15, 2009

Working on the record

We have joined forces once again with Mark Huebel again to record "Rancho Folly IV." So far so grand. The man has real knack for quality. We are hoping for wonderful things. Stay in touch and email us @ for free music from us....
Check out the Bob Fante release for free here



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